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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, a deadly night downtown. the homicide investigation in an upscale east bay community. the san jose police department staffing shortage reaches a tipping point as officers plead for more help. he's 100% behind this cause. he seen said they could take football away, take endorsements away, but i'm going to stand up for what i believe is right. >> a controversial move by a prominent 49ers, reactions after colin kaepernick refuses to stand up for the national anthem. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. terry mcsweeney has the night off. the bold and controversial move
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by colin kaepernick has mean across the country weighing in on his position. his performance on the field now over shadshadowed but his pre-g protest. we've got reaction from the 49ers head coach. and marianne, this is something the entire country is talking about. >> reporter: and people are tweeting both ways. peggy, this is not the first time colin kaepernick has remained seated during the national anthem. he did the same thing in an another preseason game. let's look at what happened last night. you can see this footage from last night's game. kaepernick is clearly sitting down while everyone around him is standing for the national anthem. he told nfl network reporter steve weiss he was not going to stand up and show pride for a flag and a country that oppresses black people. coach chip kelly had this response just a couple of hours ago. >> we recognize the right of any individual to choose to
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participate or not participate in the national anthem and so does the league. the league's statement is they encourage them, but it's not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. it's his right as a citizen. >> reporter: journalist steve weiss says when he interviewed kaepernick last night, colin told him he's not backing down from his stand. >> later on i would say to him, you know, some people have their issues with the black lives matter movement or whatever, but when it comes to the american flag there is some sensitivities. he says he understood, he's 100% behind his cause. he said, they could take football away, take my endorsements away, but i'll stand up for what i believe is right. >> reporter: kaepernick has recently become more politically active, posting onning his twitt posting on his twitter account stories about police shootings.
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> one bay area fan posted this on youtube with the title "kaepernick disgrace." these are multiple kaepernick jerseys on the barbecue grill, and he sets some on fire. we talked to fans today about the protest. >> i think he's doing the wrong thing. as i said, it's a matter of respect for the people who have been in the service and died. >> he is entitled to not stand for the national anthem if he wishes. however, i think he would be much more effective if he would take to the road, take to the airwaves. >> now, we will continue to follow the latest developments on this story, both on the air and online at also coming up on our 6:00 hour, our partners at comcast sports will discuss the impact this could have on the 49ers. in walnut creek, a man was shot and killed outside of a bar
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early this morning in an area of downtown where violence has been escalating in recent smiths. nbc bay area christie smith is live there with more crime and the controversies surrounding these popular night spots. >> reporter: that's right, but i have to tell you, this is the first fatal shooting of the year in walnut creek. it happened in busy downtown, where right now it's filled with people who are shopping, eating at restaurants. what police are saying is that the victim had left a popular sports bar and grill when he was shot outside. they tell us that today they are checking surveillance tape to see if they can find whoever shot 38-year-old courtney brown, a bay area man who leaves behind a daughter and a fiance. police say he had been at a sports bar and grill earlier that evening. officers were close enough to hear gunshots at 1:30 a.m. when they arrived at cypress and loca locust, they found him shot in the back three times. he was taken to the hospital and
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pronounced dead. near the scene, police say there were about 30 bystanders at the time. police say witnesses reported seeing a man fleeing. >> the suspect was last seen running west on cypress toward california boulevard and south on california boulevard. officers and canines searched the area but were unable to locate the responsible. >> reporter: police say all indications suggest that this was not a random event and they're asking anyone with any information to come forward. there have been some changes downtown in walnut creek, most bars actually close at around 1:30 a.m., so they were just closing down when people were leaving and the gunfire started. police say they're trying to determine whether the victim and the suspect may have known each other. at this point they just don't know. i had a chance to speak briefly
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with some people walking by, they tell us they're quite surprised this happened here. live in walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. more tragedy to report in san jose as investigators try to piece together the details of the city's 35th homicide this year. just after midnight police responded to a disturbance call at basscomb avenue and lehigh drive. they found a man stabbed to death. so far, no word on any arrest. in dire need of assistance. that's what the san jose police department is telling officers this morning. the memo reads, day shift is in dire need of assistance. they're 11 officers short and four sergeants short. if you can help out and come in early for your swing shift or you're off and willing to help out for a few hours, please text. in fact things are so bad, the police chief says he plans to push the city to declare a staffing emergency on tuesday. the mayor supports that move but
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says it's an only a band-aid. >> multiple overtime shifts are the worst thing we can have if we're trying to ensure that officers are responding well, are responding with the best information, with the clearest thinking. it puts them and the community in an unsafe situation. >> he's calling on voters to pass a measure in september that will ease the shortage. the release of today's memo, critics say, is a stunt to scare the public into passing a bad plan. an east bay community is gathering today to support a former high school football star who was paralyzed one day before his graduation. he was paralyzed in june when jumping into a friend's pool. the gala is at the black hawk museum. they will have a live auction, a dinner, also training with navy seals and a journey tribute band. >> we're hoping to help raise
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money for long term care for jake and his family. and we realize that this is not over. it's just beginning. this is going to be something that jake deals with for a lifetime. >> there's also an online auction. it closes at 8:00 tonight. if you're interested in checking that out, head to that's where we've posted a link. the search continues in the east bay for a suspect who escaped custody. police say the woman who ran away is not considered to be armed or dangerous. she escaped during a transfer last night to the county jail in martinez. obviously she didn't want to go there. police say she made a run for it before being booked in. they've identified the escapee as a 29-year-old from row day eeo. they say she's an african-american female, 5'6", 145 pounds, last seen wearing black pants and a gray sweatshirt, due to be booked for vandalism and trespassing. next at 5:00, donald trump's tweets cause a controversy once
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again. his latest words on social media about the deadly shooting of an nba star's cousin, causing a lot of backlash. also a new museum in the south bay has its grand opening. why the history behind this building is drawing a lot of crowds. and the clouds lingered at the coastline today. san francisco time lapse shows that. you can see after a cloudy start, we did manage a few peeks of sunshine this afternoon. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter, i'll be back with your full forecast. 7
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this onere yet another tweet from candidate donald trump is drawing a storm of criticism, this one regarding a tragic and deadly shooting of nba star dwayne wade's cousin. she was caught in the crossfire on friday after two men started shooting at each other near a park in chicago. she was simply pushing her newborn baby in a stroller through that park at the time. trump tweeted, "just what i've been saying, african-americans will vote trump." nbc's chris pollone has the latest in the race for the white house. >> reporter: 72 days until the election, and the candidates are hitting battleground states hard. republican donald trump joined iowa senator joni ernst saturday for her annual roast and ride fundraiser. polls show the race hey virtual dead heat there. >> together we're going to win this state in november and we're going to win the white house for the american people.
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>> reporter: ernst said she wants to see both candidates tone down their rhetoric and wants more specifics from trump on immigration. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country. >> reporter: he promises to clarify his plans in a week or so. trump kept up his attacks on hillary clinton, her time at the state department, her e-mail server and her involvement with the charity she and her husband bill clinton started. >> the clintons have had their time on the stage. now it's time to close that chapter in the history books. >> reporter: hillary clinton went to an fbi office near her new york home for her first national security briefing as a candidate. trump had his first briefing earlier this month. clinton's running mate tim kaine played the role of attack dog during a stop in pivotal florida, criticizing trump's statements about allies abroad. >> there is a sharp distinction
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between hillary clinton who understands the value of alliances and making them stronger and donald trump who thinks that tearing up alliances and building walls is a path to strength. >> reporter: mike pence visited virginia, where polls show clinton holding a double digit lead. chris pollone, nbc news. coming to napa on monday, the presidential hopeful holding a fundraiser in wine country. tickets range from 5,000 to $500,000. still to come at 5:00, an east bay woman looking to make housing repairs making a shocking find. >> there was no money in my account. >> but there should have been. thousands of dollars missing from her checking account. nbc bay area responds when this viewer says her bank ignored her. account -- all of the sudden
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went blank. nbc bay area responds to an east bay woman whose bank account all of a sudden went to zero. and when trying to fix the issue, she felt the bank was bragging their feet. she called consumer investigator chris chmura. >> reporter: karen bates is preparing to rent out rooms in her concord home to make end meet. first she wanted to spruce up the house. she withdrew a portion of her 401(k). but right after the transfer, her money -- >> almost $17,000 -- >> reporter: -- vanished. >> there was no money in my
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account. there were huge chunks taken out, withdrawn, in cash. >> reporter: place say this woman, photographed on chase surveillance cameras, falsely identified herself and took money from karen's account. karen told me she hasn't been that far south in a long time. >> i went to the beach, not to the bank. >> reporter: years ago. >> right. >> reporter: karen says she wasted three weeks on the phone trying to fix the mess. she says her bank balance sat at zero for 22 days. a half dozen checks bounced. and chase gave her the runaround. >> who do you talk to when you need to confront a large organization or institution like that? >> reporter: us. karen called nbc bay area responds, and we immediately called chase. within a few days, the 17 grand was back where it belonged. chase told us karen's claims were approved and the accounts have been credited.
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it went on to say if anything looks suspicious on an account statement, please contact us immediately. chase declined to explain how this unidentified woman was able to access karen's accounts and drain them. it also downplayed our role returning her money. karen sees it differently. >> once nbc got involved, the nbc responds team, there was immediate action. >> reporter: a chase spokesperson acknowledged that when money goes missing, the bank gives itself 30 days to fix the problem. a month is standard practice, she said. to karen, that timetable is unacceptable. >> to be without that money for a week was too long. >> reporter: karen's chase balance is back at zero because she closed her account in protest. if you recognize the woman accused of taking karen's money, that woman right there, please call santa cruz police. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us.
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or visit once you're there, click the yellow "submit tips" bar for our consumer complaint form. you can share information, photos, and videos so we can investigate your case. >> and they will, that's for sure. now checking in with meteorologist anthony slaughter with the forecast. i was outside today, just a beautiful day. >> i had the windows open in the house, let that breeze come on through. in fact we're looking at cooler temperatures over the next couple of days. if you thought today was nice, hang on. we've got temperatures that are going down as we go towards the next seven days. we'll start off by showing you the sky cam network. you can see we're looking at a few clouds in san francisco her that marine layer did peel back to the coastline. we managed some sunshine in san francisco today. 79 in the tri valley. 75 right now in the south bay. tomorrow, expect another spectacular day. we'll start off with morning clouds, and temperatures very similar to where they're at right now, 83 for the tri valley, 66 for san francisco, 77 for the peninsula.
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81 tomorrow for the south bay. the fog is expected to roll back in tonight and really fill most of the bay. you'll notice 8:00 tomorrow, everywhere expected to be cloudy with the exception of some places, gilroy, even towards the altamonte pass. tomorrow the fog peels back to the coastline. we're expecting a mix of sound and clouds for coastal communities, then the fog rolls back in for monday, although for tuesday it starts to thin out as the storm system approaches the bay area. 79 for tomorrow in san jose. mid-60s for san francisco with a mix of sun and clouds. 83 tomorrow for pleasanton. 75 for walnut creek. we told you there's a storm system headed our way. look at this, by tuesday we could be tracking some drizzle, maybe some light rain across the north bay on tuesday morning. this thing moves out of here, but on its heels comes another storm system. again, these are weak store systems. the core of them will stay to
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our north. nonetheless, they'll drop our temperatures. by saturday, a week from today, we'll track another storm system that could, just maybe, bring us showers towards the first full week of september. temperatures cool off, peggy, it stays cloudy in san francisco with temperatures in the mid-60s, low 60s by the end of last week. >> showers, we haven't heard that in a while. thank you, anthony. >> still to come, overcoming challenges to find inspiration. >> we were very proactive about making sure don got to participate in anything and we didn't see any reason he shouldn't. we just had to figure out how. >> a south bay artist shows how obstacles can be overcome. he's part of our bay area proud series.
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the south bay home that's been standing for 180 years is now a museum. the roberto adobe house has been in san jose's willow glen neighborhood since before the civil war. the bottom floor is made of adobe clay. the museum is staged to recreate the day-to-day life of a native american family in 1886. a san jose artist is sitting a new bar by the challenges he overcomes to make his art in the first place. here's bay area proud.
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>> reporter: amazing often takes time. and by that, we don't just mean the many hours don riker will spend on this work of art. no, don, who has cerebral palsy, has been doing amazing for much longer than that. his mom andrea says that was always the plan. >> we were very proactive about making sure don got to participate in everything, and there wasn't any -- we didn't see any reason he shouldn't. we just had to figure out how. >> reporter: figure out how don would wash dishes or play baseball. how he would mow the lawn, ride a horse, or even lead a marching band. still, it wasn't until an art teacher encouraged don to start painting that he didn't just try something. he decided to excel at it. he's been seriously working at his craft for just a few years,
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but the results are amazing, and now the centerpiece of an exhibit in downtown san jose, at the offices of ameriprise financial. >> you are excited to have people see your works when the to buy it. >> reporter: don says he's not an advocate for people with disabilities nor does he want to be. he would simply like to be an example, visible to people of all abilities. what one man in a wheelchair is capable of. on the canvas and in life. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. we'll be back with some italian, the sights, sounds, and tastes of italy in the south bay today.
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an all day festival in san jose is honoring the city's italian heritage. the annual fiesta started this morning. that goes until 8:00 tonight in history park. it's a free event that has authentic italian food. i'm told it's "festa." self correcting. live entertainment there, arts and crafts, and bocce ball, given by a foundation to promote italy. if you want to test out some of that food, which looks delicious, you have time to do it. a good day to do it. >> temperatures tomorrow like they were today. >> a repeat, which is good. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. more local news here right at 6:00. see you then.
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night, terrifying flight. a southwest jet with more than 100 people on board forced to make an emergency landing after the sound of an explosion. hitting home. gun violence strikes the family of nba superstar dwyane wade. as his cousin becomes one of the latest innocent victims. tunnel team. underground with the u.s. border patrol on a mission to stop smuggling. on the run, they expose the russian doping scandal. our richard engel with the whistle-blowers in hiding who fear the russian government is trying to kill them. second chance. as a tornado destroyed their gym, they huddled in the basement. a year later, we're there as the young gymnasts get the surprise of a lifetime. "nightly news" begins now.


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